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Give Your Kids Lots of Play Time

Posted by C Brockie on

Give Your Kids Lots of Play Time

Summer is halfway done and many children are still staring at screens - TV, tablets and laptops. I'm sure you don't want your kids to do that right? Don't let a gadget talk to your kids. Communication has to be 2-way to be effective. So let's get down to basics. What should our kids be doing?

Research studies show that giving your kids lots of play time at home or outdoors will help them flourish in school. Provide some items like lightweight frisbees that they can easily throw and catch to encourage outdoor play is just one practical example. You and your kids can have quality bonding time. Have this response ready for any child who complains of being bored.

Summer is supposed to be a slower time for everyone. Make it easy on yourself and only pick two to three activities a week for your kids.

Here are some ideas you can pitch to your children and have them choose to explore. Be creative. Explore something unique that they can share with their schoolmates with excitement when they go back to school.

  1. Art Activities On Your Backyard

Show them how to paint or draw something on your backyard. For example. You can transform a fence, door, wall or windows in your backyard like a canvas, creating an artwork that tells a story. Encourage them to share their insights and the title of their art piece once they're done.

  1. Summer Science to Take Outside

Bring the beach to your front yard and make some sand slime recipes. Whether you use sand from the beach, sandbox, or craft store, making sand slime similar to clays can hone your kids' learning process. The molded sand slimes can teach them to conceptualize an idea, creating forms and shapes and asking them to explain. So whenever you go to the beach, take a little of it home with you. Use one of our basic slime recipes to make the coolest beach or ocean theme slime ever.

  1. Fun Water Play Ideas for Outdoors

Create a water bed or a water blob on your front yard or lawn. Put some soap suds on top of the canvas or a huge plastic sheet. Let them slide through it. This is easy and inexpensive to make and you won't believe how much fun this is- perfect for kids and grown-ups.

A survey done on children about their favorite summer activities indicates that all they really wanted to do was hang out with friends and spend more time with their parents. So be there and make sure you invite your kids' friends to make it a fun and memorable experience.