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How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores In A Fun and Encouraging Way This Summer

Posted by C Brockie on

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores In A Fun and Encouraging Way This Summer

The more kids you have at home this summer the more chores you have to juggle. For the working parents, you still have the 9 to 5 work you need to log-in to the office. So how do you get some sanity back now that your hands are full? Shouting at your kids and dragging their feet about doing household chores would be disastrous and surely not a good way to start your day. Why not inspire them by making their bed and the routines enjoyable and fulfilling? Here’s the trick, give them a sense of ownership on their assigned chores.

But first, you need to lead the way by setting a good example and work as a team.

A simple and efficient way to make cleaning more fun is to do some of it together. It never hurts a kid’s morale to see a parent getting into the trenches with him. You’re there to demonstrate, so the job is more likely to get done right.

Present a bigger goal and purpose

When kids are allowed to participate in something that is larger than their own selves, a sense of life purpose grows. "Even though children may say and act as if they don't want to contribute to the running of the household," writes Susan Tordella in Raising Able, "everyone craves the feeling of being important, needed by, and stay connected to others." Encourage and acknowledge them with, "Thank you for helping out." Give high fives all around when your kids put away a mountain of laundry.

Give your kids some sense of freedom

Letting them give input is essential in preserving their sense of self-reliance and self-assurance. The key is not to use controlling language.

Set-up an ideal scene and motivate them with their progress

This is the before and after scenario. Explain to your kids what an ideal finished chore looks like. Use bench-marking. Teach them how to measure their progress regularly. Celebrate wins together, once they’ve achieved the standard, and give them some kind of an announced commendation to the whole household.

Put it in writing and place it near the living room or kitchen where everybody can see it

Give your kids a daily chores checklist and have them sign and cross out once they’ve done their chores.

Lastly, schedule some leisure and play time after.