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Tips For Teaching Good Sportsmanship To Your Children

Posted by C Brockie on

Tips For Teaching Good Sportsmanship To Your Children

On any sport, there is much more to be gained from the experience than just winning. Children who are engaged in sports can easily learn and apply values that will stay with them as they mature. There are no shortcuts to win in any sport. First and foremost, good sportsmanship starts by following certain guidelines for good behavior. Be a good role model and share the following with your children.

  • It starts with proper ethics. Every game or sports have rules to follow. So, teach your children to follow the rules. It's easier to win by doing things in a different way, cheating is never acceptable. Any effort to win that attempts to

go around the rules should never be tolerated. Whether it's a game of chess or any team sports like soccer, explain to your kids that rules are created so that any sport can be played in an organized way.

  • Learn to accept defeat with grace. It is important Inserted: i to show respect for the effort of the other team, whether your team wins or loses. If the other team wins, accept defeat, acknowledge their abilities, move on, and practice more. If your team wins, resist bragging.

Rally your teammates. Be a team player. Team sports work best when each player supports the team. Praise teammates for what they do well and encourage them when they make errors. Avoid criticism and unkind actions. Parents should be the first to model this behavior by praising them for specific things they have done well.

At the end of each game, good sportsman knows how to end a game Inserted: s on a positive note. Always end with a handshake.